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Stories to Song - quinter

Stories to song presentation

Family and Friends

Inspired by Kirby Gillespie, Quinter, Kansas
Words by 1st hour 8th grade English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © May 4, 2023


Laughter at the lunch table, always having fun.
Laughter at the sleepover getting fun done.
Making jokes and drinking cokes watching the Royals win.
Friends will be forever and the fun will never end.


One step down and one step back,
catch em if they fall
Fast cars and lots of friends,
a family full of joy

I walk into the cozy house and smell that pumpkin pie,
Mama catches me eating a slice, and I wanna die.
When I come home from the farm, I see my family and friends,
Threw the rooster in the tank, it didn't go as planned.

Family can be really close, in the hardest of times,
Friends can help you out of low places to help you make that climb.
Both are more important than anything they can give,
Hugs and laughter, joy, support, makes life fun to live.

Family isn’t always easy, sometimes we fight,
Whether it’s big or little things, our bark is worse than our bite.
Though we sometimes fight it out, my sister or my brother
When it counts, despite the fights, we still love each other.

Country School

Inspired by Janice Roberts, Quinter, Kansas
Words by 2rd hour 7th grade English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © May 4, 2023


While walking down that dusty lane towards that country school
Had to hurry, bells a’ringing, being late’s against the rule
I see the smoke rise from the chimney, I scurry into class
Set lunch pails in the cubby, the day is starting fast.


I loved that one room country schoolhouse, I remember her oh so well
If her walls could talk, the stories they would tell
I learned to be inspired, how to care for everyone
That one room country schoolhouse I loved her oh so well.

She had her own way of teaching, so special yet so smart,
The first subject was Math, but it was not first in my heart.
Now it was time for recess, skin knees and playing ball,
Learning, Laughing, time with friends, a good time had by all.

I remember grade school, it was really fun,
learned to be a teacher to these little ones.
Then I went to college to earn a degree,
I had a taste of teaching, my calling I hadn’t seen.

Lessons learned now that I’m grown, I see my life is good,
When times were hard, I saw it through, as I knew I would
I came to Kansas in my youth, some say I had a drawl
Though some things changed, some not at all, so glad I found my call.

Mail Order House

Inspired by Sharon DuBois, Quinter, Kansas
Words by 3rd hour 8th grade English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © May 4, 2023


When I opened up that catalog filled with many scenes,
I spot the perfect house, staring back at me.
I purchased that mail-order house, and soon it came by train.
Waiting for those pieces to come across the Kansas plains.


A house is more than sticks and stone, memories live there too
The people who have walked her floors, the old and new
Dreams that are birthed in the shadows of the halls
The past, the present, the future it lives in the walls

Two weeks later all loaded up, with the trailer ready to go
Driving through the countryside to the place we will call home.
Piece by piece, stone by stone, with our neighbors’ aid.
Our brand new home now stands complete, with love and joy it’s made.

I swept the floor and picked up toys, yet all the while I dream,
Of the day these floors I walk, are my OWN to clean.
I look out of the window, and I can clearly see.
The future this mail-order house is holding now for me.

As generations come and go, this house still proudly stands,
Thinking ‘bout the families that have lived upon this land.
I hope this house remains the same, throughout the coming years,
As families fill it up with love, sharing laughter and their tears.

The Old Tractor

Inspired by Dan Crist, Quinter, Kansas
Words by 4th hour 7th grade English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © May 4, 2023


As I sit in a field on a hot, summer morn,
I thought of my past, harvesting fields of corn.
Now I’m lonely and useless; so far, far away
From the farms that I worked on, “back in the day”.


I’ve still got fuel left in the tank, I just can’t sit still
You won’t see me rusting here up there on that hill
Clean me up and give that starter another spin
I’ll got more to give don’t call me an old has-been

I can’t forget my first time in the field long ago
I was sitting there, looking around thinking how far I’ll go.
Tilling up the land that was touched by the sun,
Looking towards the stars when my day is finally done.

Sometimes I went to the shop, to get some needed care,
Rusted parts and worn-out tires, desperate for repair.
With skilled hands, he made some parts, to bring me back again
Restoration made me whole, to the tractor I had been.

My field days are over, but I still have work to do,
Now I’m on display, and my wish is coming true.
Kids are mesmerized by the past that I hold,
The stories that I tell, and the stories that I’ve told.

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