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2020 Main Street Summer Theater Festival

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intern directed scenes

As part of the internship experience, interns were assigned a scene to direct from the virtual play "The Virtual Family." They were tasked with casting the show and then scheduling and conducting virtual rehearsals, culminating with their "performance" within a week's span.

by Jeremy Johnson

Produced by special arrangement with
Pioneer Drama Service, Denver, Colorado


Meet the Virtuals — Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, Grandma, plus a cat named Kitten and a kitten named Cat. Part Griswalds, part Jetsons, they’re just an ordinary family living in extraordinary times. A slew of technological advances, electronic home assistants, and computerized appliances, including Bobert the vacuum and FAB, the Fitness Assistant Bot, are meant to make life easier and bring the Virtuals together, but somehow they wind up more disconnected than before! Maybe technological advances aren’t all they’re cracked up to be?

Just watching Dad “interview” toothbrushes online leaves one to wonder if the Virtual family can survive the challenges of the real world. Good thing he has all his Dad jokes to guide him, even if nobody else finds them funny! This family already only communicates digitally, always in different rooms of their house (which makes this play ideal for a virtual production!).

Scene 2: Interview with a Toothbrush
Directed by Candace Taylor (Intern)
Mom (Candace), Dad (Daisy)

Scene 3: Tech Troubles Pt.1
Directed by Alisha Brantley (Intern)
Grandma (Brianna), Son (Candace)

Scene 4: Tech Troubles Pt. 2
Directed by Tabor Rucker
Dad (Victoria), Daughter (Daisy)

Scene 7: A Message of L.U.V.
Directed by Victoria Rucker (Intern)
Dad (Tabor), Bobert (Alisha)

Scene 11: Home Fitness Pt. 2
Directed by Candace Taylor (Intern)
Mom (Candace), Daughter (Daisy), Fab (Tabor)

Scene 13: A Very Virtual Dinner
Directed by Daisy Hawkins (Intern)
Mom (Candace), Dad (Tabor), Son (Alisha), Daughter (Daisy), Grandma (Brianna), Kitten (Victoria)

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