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2020 Main Street Summer Theater Festival

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skits/scenes videos


One Word Story Improvisation
performed by Anna and Scott Kuhlman


Two Sisters
performed by Cambria Groom and Anastacia Franz

Video 1:

“Mystery of Java” - begins at 0:10
performed by Bryson Polifka as Will and Titus Sayre as Sam

“Zoom!” - begins at 3:42
performed by Dylan Flanders as Zippy and Danielle Franz as Dash

“The Haunted Yo-Yo” - begins at 6:27
performed by Xara Brenn 

Video 2:

“Cowabunga Caterpillar” - begins at 0:10
performed by Anna Kuhlman

“Cat Nap” - begins at 1:18
performed by Jayslin Gabel as Patches and Maddy Snyder as Jerry

“The Other Side of the Puddle” - begins at 4:12
performed by Scott Kuhlman

Video 3:

“Cloud Bank” - begins at 0:10
performed by Caleb Best

“Summer in a Box” - begins at 1:29
performed by Maggie Best

“Mad Cow Disease” - begins at 2:30
performed by Madison Mader as Buttercup and Adison Shipley as Clover 

Video 4:

“Baby Talk” - begins at 0:10
performed by Alia Mader as Darling and Bridget Chaffin as Sweetie

Tangled Monologue – “I Can’t Believe I Did This” - begins at 3:33
performed by Maddy Snyder as Rapunzel

“Coat Hanger Sculpture” - begins at 4:30
performed by Jayslin Gabel as Sally

Video 5:

“I’m Melting” - begins at 0:10
performed by Dylan Flanders

“Anne of Green Gables” - begins at 0:52
performed by Analeigh Fulwider as Anne and Gabrielle Pochop as Diana

“What a Waste” - begins at 6:11
performed by Dylan Mader

Video 6:

Alice in Wonderland - begins at 0:10
performed by Adleigh Pochop as Cheshire Cat and Abigail Jamison as Alice

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - begins at 3:27
performed by Clara Johnson

Through the Looking Glass - begins at 6:24
performed by Katelyn Willemsen, Jillian Niblock, and Mirari Linin

Video 7:

“The Frog Prince of the Bachelor Pad” by Rebecca Young - begins at 0:10
performed by Ryker Cody

“Afternoon of the Elves” - begins at 1:41
performed by Olivia Chaffin and Teagan Slaubaugh

“Monster Dream” - begins at 8:55
performed by Xara Brenn

Video 8:

“Captain Antonym” - begins at 0:10
performed by Caleb Best

“East of the Sun and West of the Moon” - begins at 1:16
performed by Bryson Polifka and Titus Sayre

“Jane Eyre” - begins at 5:49
performed by Paige Fulwider and Lauren Cody

“Animals Sleeping” - begins at 12:37
performed by Maggie Best

Video 9:  COMING SOON!!!

Peter Pan
performed by Xavia Brenn and Allison Daise

Fairy Tales
performed by Ashlyn Schields and Ella Gruenbacher

Smooth Talker
performed by Trevyn Pratt

Lucy Monologue
performed by Ana Mader

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